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B2B sales training:

Systematic Sales Actions,

                    Followed up until Routine


MAP provides a full range of training and advice, from basic sales skills through daily work methods to sales management and marketing support


For all actions, follow-up is a key part of the process:


Boost Core Competencies:

     Specific-skill training on

         Lead Generation, Lead follow-up, Questioning methods,

         Getting to the Decision-Maker; How to talk with the Decision-Maker

Effective Selling Methods: Step by Step training

Effective Daily Work Tools / Daily Work Habits


Sales Presentations that Work

Improving Team Selling


Raising Results from Trade Shows

Making SFA / CRM Useful

Marketing Operations to Energize Sales Activities


Your Team Managers: the Key to Success


Sales Process Analysis: Where can you Improve


Developing Sales Plans that Get Done

Aligning Sales Plans with Strategic Plans

Continuous Improvement


Coaching and Motivational Techniques

Compensation Strategy as Motivation

Recruiting – how to select the best

Meaningful Performance Tracking

Using Job Descriptions as a real Sales Management Tool



 We can stop by to discuss your situation, goals and frustrations. You can reach Dan Harris, principal, at the phone and email below.


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