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International           Business

Executive                       English

B2B Selling                              in Japan




To help maximize your sales in global markets, MAP provides training to continually upgrade employee skills - in English - in such areas as:


Phone conferences

Business English

   - for managers

   - for general staff


Meetings: preparation, interpretation


Marketing materials

Trade shows

Claims and complaints


Other courses usually show hardly any performance gain,  in the months after.  MAP's training differs significantly from such typical courses:

- We raise attendees' motivation to learn and use the techniques;

- Minimal lecture (to avoid low transfer & adoption), wide usage of attendee-active methods like role playing & simulations;

- Our detailed program of follow-up actions in the months AFTER a course, ensures adoption usage in daily work.

As a business executive, you must operate effectively in English, in ways that differ from how your employees conduct their work. For example, MAP can raise your skills in:

- important meetings with non-Japanese senior managers.

- sensitive negotiations, in English.

- presentations to senior managers, board members, trade shows - in English.

- interviewed by the trade press, in English.


MAP's coaches are themselves managers, with long experience.  They work with you confidentially, on your specific needs, issues and situations.










MAP specializes in training and systems that improve your sales department performance for selling complex products or services to other businesses in Japan.


Book: 'B2B Selling in Japan'

This detailed manual is based on the experiences of practitioners (mostly non-Japanese) with many years of hard-slog B2B sales activity in the Japan business environment.

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