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Here in the Lifestyle section, the suggestions are about fiction, arts, culture, history - in other words, non-business topics.

The novel below is, unsurprisingly, about dancing in Roppongi. 

It's a great book - and yes, as the publishers, we're biased!


'Dancing in Roppongi'     Click here for a copy to read immediately,

                                                                        via Amazon Kindle (including Kindle on your PC).

     Can a couple's love endure -
          across cultures East and West, across a generation in age,
          across the differences between a businessman and a dancer...

     They meet in Roppongi - the Times Square of Tokyo - at a bar where couples dance to the
     energetic, sexy music of Cuba and the Caribbean - salsa, bachata, merengue.

     An American businessman in his 50s...he grew up on the dusty plains of Oklahoma.
     He came to dynamic Tokyo and stayed - as a student, a businessman, a father.

     A Japanese woman in her 30s...with dreams of being a pro dancer.
     She grew up in a backwater of Japan, far from Tokyo's cosmopolitan bustle.

     He'd lost motivation - he'd done the high-paid corporate jobs, raised a family, traveled the world.
     He found new energy in these joyful Latin dances.

     Awkward in Tokyo, she worked at odd jobs to get money for backpacking across Europe and Asia.
     Her long legs were great for ballet, she'd done flamenco and tap dance.
     Only when she was performing on stage did she feel fully alive.

     Immersed in the vortex of Roppongi, they become friends, then deeply entwined lovers.
     Can their love hold up as Roppongi's whirlwind of delights and distractions
     tugs on their own disparate differences?

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